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Pro Vita Non Pro Schola Discimus

"Learning—not just for school but for life."


The Cygnet School’s goal is to support children so they may confidently expand their innate talents, develop the skills needed to define and achieve personal success, and cultivate values which will guide them to act with thoughtfulness and benevolence.


The Cygnet School envisions a learning environment which engages every student and empowers them to make decisions about their own learning, both now and as they grow. We value and support all aspects of child development, including social and emotional growth and artistic and creative talents, as well as academic knowledge and skills. This approach inspires our students to thoughtfully connect with and positively impact local and global communities throughout their lives.

Core Values


Thoughtful questioning, exploring, commitment to learning about oneself and others, and embracing new experiences, not just for school but for life.


Honesty and accountability to oneself and others, trustworthiness, exhibiting discipline and personal responsibility in all pursuits and relationships.


Respecting oneself and others, one's place and surroundings, considering intent and impact of one’s actions, and acting in ways that demonstrate empathy and understanding.

The Cygnet School is an inclusive small private school serving K-12 students in Lakeland, Florida (FLDOE School Code 5039). At Cygnet, children are recognized as individuals with their own strengths, challenges, and interests. At Cygnet, teachers are respected professionals with expertise in providing developmentally appropriate and interest based learning experiences for students. At Cygnet, families are the backbone of the learning community and are regarded as experts and partners in learning.

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