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Tuition and Fees

2024-2025 School Year


Full Time On-Campus
(5 day)


Total Tuition Investment:




Registration/Enrollment: $300

Curriculum/Supply Fee: $300

Yearly Tuition: $8,100


4 Day Academic Program
(4 day)


Total Tuition Investment:




Registration/Enrollment: $300

Curriculum/Supply Fee: $225

Yearly Tuition: $6,550

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Umbrella Program
(off campus)


Total Tuition Investment:


Additional à la carte fees may be associated with participation in affiliated programs.


Due to the small size of the school and our desire to limit tuition and fees as much as possible, preference is given to full time students.


At the time of registration, full payment of a non-refundable Registration Fee in the amount of three hundred dollars ($300.00) per child is required. The mandatory Curriculum and Supply Fee is also due upon registration (see program fee chart) and shall be paid together with the Registration Fee.

Families enrolled in the Umbrella Program only are required to pay the $50 annual fee in full upon enrollment.

Families may pay via 10 monthly payments, due on the first of each month in advance.

Discounts and Additional Fees

Specialized learning supports and services deemed necessary by The Cygnet School for a student's success will be added to the total cost of tuition. Families will be included in the process of determining appropriate support services for their child. 

Families who pay their total annual tuition and fees in full prior to August 1, 2023 will receive a 5% discount off the base tuition cost. 

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